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Food and Shopping - Madrid Day 2

After a quick tour around Madrid in our Go Car we were all starving
The boys had been complaining about how bored of tapas they already were
That got me concern… because I am a BIG fan of tapas… and I hadn’t exactly had any tapas till date!

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The GateCrash (Phil and Jas)

After the intensive preparation, the GateCrash day arrived
Thank you to F.L for volunteering to drive the 姐妹s, saving me the stress of driving (I hate driving)

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When Miss K meets Mr L

It’s been the longest time since I get to meet Miss K since I first met her
(I had unfortunately missed her Baby Shower)
I am so glad Kelz specially made her way to meet us in Sushi Tei (Her first outing with Miss K alone)

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5 Steps To FINALLY Get The Love You Deserve

Source: My Tango

Feel like you're doing EVERYTHING and getting nothing back?
Have you ever felt like no matter what you do for someone, they don’t appreciate it?

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Because We are Your 姐妹s

After our peaceful Hen’s Night
It’s time to start preparation for XiaoMei’s GateCrash Grand Plan
Chloe would be traveling, and couldn’t join in
Jenny dear is heavily pregnant and not convenient to join in the “vigorous” activity
That left just me and F.L, eventually M.N joined in

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6 Phases Of A Break Up That All Girls Can Relate To

Source:Thought Catalog

Almost everyone has experienced some sort of breakup; whether it was never really official or you had been dating for 5 years. Either way, they hurt. They suck, but they also make you grow.

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I Love Getting Lost (Go-Car Adventure) - Madrid Day 2

After a good rest in my pretty foreign room
We are off on an early start for my ever first Go Car experience!

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阅读解说,请按 "More"

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XiaoMei Jas Hen’s Gathering

I don’t know why I could never remember Jas XiaoMei’s age
Each time we have the conversation related to age, I repeatedly asked the same question, “are you not 23 this year?”
And each time, she would patiently respond, “no lah, I already xx liao”

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So You Want to Be a Pilot

It seemed just like yesterday that we were talking about it
But in a flash, it’s time to officially bid farewell to M.S as he embark on the journey to realise his lifelong dream

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Hello Madrid and my First AirBnB Experience - Madrid Day 1

I had arrived much later than the rest of my travel pals
Hence, though I had only spend almost 3 days in Barcelona
The rest of my pals had completed their exploration and ready to move on to the next city
Oh well… I guess my partial exploration just gave the perfect reason/excuse to warrant another visit to Spain right? ✌♫♪˙❤‿❤˙♫♪✌

GoodBye Barcelona, Till we meet again
Hello Madrid! Here we come!

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Busy Getting Fat

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Durian Pampering

And so FF had been doting on me a lot
Giving in to (almost) my every whines/wants/wishes

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The Leisure Stroll - Barcelona Day 3

A night of confession
A night of tears
I have learnt, that not all tears that had fallen
Would find their way into the heart

Day 3 started
A brand new day
The beginning of a new beginning

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