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Truffles Truffles at Overeasy

There had been multiple arranged meet ups in Overeasy by my pals
But for a varying reasons, I had never for once managed to join in
Browsing the pictures with the scenic background taken by my pals after every meet up, would send me sulking in envy over what I had missed

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Silly Things We Do Together

Casual Day Out

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Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass

Another song I can't stop replaying

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Mary Lambert - Secrets

Can't stop listening to this recently

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Stuck in Xcape Singapore

Real Life Room Escape was a concept with a long history since year 2008. I don’t know when and which company made it’s grand entrance in Singapore years later. I only know that I am totally riveted to the game upon hearing it from Lulu-mama and couldn’t wait to try it out with my “Blondies”

Kelz had completed her research in no time at all. Soon enough, we were ready for our ever-first attempt in escaping the room organised by Xcape Singapore. You can select from a wide range of themes, inclusive of the Whispers of the Dead, Vampire Diary, Resident Evil, etc etc. Each with varying difficulty level. Since Ah Boy would be joining us, we decided on the more child friendly, less apocalypse related theme - Upside Down

Quoting from Xcape Singapore official website:

You have successfully been identified as Dr. Hachi’s apprentices and this marks the beginning of your journey of adventure to the world unknown to the rest of the world! You have been introduced to the magical world as a training ground. Unfamiliar with all the customs and practices in the magical community, you need to learn everything from scratch so that you can leave here sound and safe. Your world is going to be upside down for the day!

Special Notes: If you are looking for a game that is not scary, and exhibits some magical feel in the Harry Potter movies, this is the one

This room has a 4 star (max!!) difficulty and also 4 full Magical Factor. Nice !

Since Ah Boy needs to attend an OT session that day, to avoid driving 2 cars out, I decided to drive LDR to work that day

So while I was shuffling through the busy morning traffic
LDR was…
wahahahahaha…. silly things LDR does… that kept me continuously amused

Finishing our errands for the morning, we arrived at Xcape Singapore, ready to take on our ever first Escape the Room challenge

With almost nothing briefed (which is exactly the point right?), we were left on our own within the 4 walls of the room
We were lost (which is once again exactly the point right). Took us a while to tame our over brewing excitement, regain composure and started looking for clues
Our overwhelming excitement had scare Ah Boy a little, in fact, he was hiding in a corner of the room for a short period. I felt bad that I had failed to engage and involve him

If you are looking for a team dynamic activity, this game could be just exactly what you are looking for. Just like in the corporate world, we were only given an objective (which is to escape the room), team members with varying background and expertise… and the rest is free play. You have to work with your team members within the designated timeline (1 hr in our case) to achieve our objective

Nevertheless, once our excitement cools down, we kinda find our roles in the game naturally
Our smartie Huey naturally is one of the first to uncover clues and see structure
Our Kelz with a mastery in the command of language solves language related clues
Our newest lulu-mama blonde converted into a life-size calculator and solved complex numbers related clues
Our men… did all the moving, the digging into weird corners etc etc
and I… I also don’t know what I had been doing apart from being excited and enjoying myself

We managed to solve almost all the clues, just one step away from escaping
We spent a lot of time on one of the clues that had uses some pressure sensor… we were pressing so hard, so many times at the right place that the organiser couldn’t take it and came in to tell us “press gently, it is correct”
The funniest part was the last clue where we have to chant our last spell… we didn’t make it out of the room though… not going to say why, try it to find out

and so… we failed our first Escape the Room challenge
still… it had been a really exciting experience

wahahahahaha.... I am obviously still not familiar with my Casio TR15 camera

The “stuck in the room” magicians!

We were deep-thinking magicians who got stuck!
Now it’s time to ponder upon what had went wrong

Happy us!

Looking at Ah Boy’s expression in the picture… He must had been thinking “WTH… are these uncles and aunties done with their picture taking?!?!?!”

Using our brain too much made us into hungry monsters
Adjourning to Jal’s house for more catch ups and food!

To satisfy our pizza cravings for that day, LDR and I head off to Peperoni Pizza and bought some mega big pizza back for sharing!

“delivery man” for our XXL pizzas!

We couldn’t decide what flavour to get, hence we decided to get a mix of all our favourites!
Next few hours were spent munching on these and non-stop chit-chatting!

I had a marvellous day out. Let’s get “stuck in the room” again soon!

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Drunk? Unhappy? Smash your Mug at 2 Degree Ice Bar

and so I lied...
I mean... I was REALLY excited about the Ice Art Exhibition
But what had enthralled me... was the ice bar that came along with it
I turned almost delirious when I heard not only do I get to sip my drinks from mugs carved from ice... but even get to smash them after finishing up my drink!

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2 Degree Ice Art

Super lagging entry

After my interesting icy experience in Korea’s Ice Gallery, you can imagine my excitement when 2 degree Ice Art launched an exhibit in Marina Bay

One of the best things about my LDR is that, as long as it’s something I wanna do/something that I want, he would always agree to it (I am sure he is confident I would never ask for anything ridiculously far-fetched )


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