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Lavana Spa finally - Bangkok Day 4

Day 4 begins with lots of excitement
Come to think of it, which day hadn’t been since the day we arrived?
One day, 24hrs is just not enough
Correction, one day 24hrs of SHOPPING is seriously not enough!

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Another Day of Shopping - Bangkok Day 3

Day 3 of shopping begins

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Soothing out our Aching Bones - Bangkok Day 2

Just as expected, a full day of shopping had left our legs screaming in pain
Our experienced trip planner, Kelz, had every detail thought of and had arranged our first spa session immediately after our intensive shopping trip (a pity Chloe was not able to join us)

Heading off to our favorite spa of all time - the Leyana Spa

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All We Did was Eat & Shop, Eat & Shop - Bangkok Day 2

Day 1 ended with loads of laughter
Day 2 started, with heaps of anticipation
The primary objective of this trip was shopping… and we were all geared to start

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Happy Shopping, My 2014 Valentines - Bangkok Day 1

Settling quickly into the the shopping mood that only Bangkok can brings
Business as Usual,
The scary news that had been plaguing our minds prior to our trip was quickly forgotten

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Nothing Stops the Shopaholics - Bangkok Day 1

It's been almost 2 years since I last visited Bangkok
We had so much fun that we were determined to repeat our experience soon

A date was fixed, and we were all counting down the days to the trip
But… 好事多磨, the political situation in Thailand took a turn for the worse
Inching towards the days of our travel, daily riots was a norm and sparks of fatal violence put down our degree of enthusiasm
We started to ponder if we should continue with our trip

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GoodBye Bangkok

Day 3 in Bangkok
Jal, Huey and I will be flying back home earlier than Kel
I have learnt that 3 days 2 nights in Bangkok is definitely NOT enough

The pretty lobby that we couldn't find time to enjoy

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When the Blondies Went Shopping in Bangkok - Day 2

I couldn't express how much I appreciate the extremely comfortable sleep I had that night
Seriously, I couldn't be sure if it was the extremely cozy bed or the companionship of my blondies that helped in my uninterrupted sleep
Regardless of the cause, I am glad that all initial reservations against visiting Bangkok since years ago were dispelled overnight

Day 2 started
We had about half a day to complete our shopping mission
Based on Kel's GK's calculation, each of us need to buy at least 17 dresses each to break-even the cost of this trip

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Exploring Bangkok with the Blondies - Day 1

After settling down in our room and washed up, we are all ready to explore the Platinum Mall just beside our hotel
It's hard not to be transformed into birdies the moment we entered and looked at the price tags,
We went "cheap, cheap cheap" (chirp, chirp, chirp) at almost everything
Being smart blondies, we figured that we don't have sufficient time for shopping that day and we decided to have a quick walk-around the mall to identify which are the shops we wanna spend more time the next day
It's decided,

  • Kel will head straight for the dresses
  • Jal will head straight for the dresses and accessories
  • I will head straight for shoes
  • Huey will... will... head wherever we head for (wahahahahaha)

Back to our hotel after a quick walk through the mall to drop some of our purchases before we head for food

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When the Blondies Went BangKok - Day 1

Finally the Day came for the Blondies to go Thailand together
It felt just like yesterday when we were talking about it
Though we had labeled ourselves as blondies, but they are definitely no ordinary blondes
With few email exchanges and Whatsapp Group Chats,
The whole trip was already seamlessly planned, booked and all I have to do is to turn up at the airport

That's why I Love You!!


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