Chillax Batam Montigo Trip - Goodbye Troubles, Hello Sunshine

We were in discussion of an almost celestial place during my birthday celebration (oops, I haven’t put them up yet)
A place in Japan why you get to Ski from the top of the mountain, grab a beer in an onsen at the mid level, continue skiing and end the ski with another beer
That got me extremely excited
But due to multiple constrains, we eventually postponed this celestial experience to a year or 2
Instead, we head off to Montigo Resort instead
I place that I had been wanting to go, but never had a chance to

There were issues and people that I didn’t wanna leave behind
A teaching from my boss previously had been echoing in my mind - “your strongest link is your weakest link”
If there is one thing I really need to get into my blood… and that would be… everyone moves at different pace

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張惠妹 - 解脫

愛是不夜城 回憶像星辰
熱淚越沸騰 我越感覺有點冷

變了心的人 越想越傷人
枯坐到清晨 陽光替房間 開了燈

想 若結局一樣 又何苦再想
傷 若讓人成長 我為什麼怕 分手的傷

解脫 是肯承認這是個錯 我不應該還不放手
你有自由走 我有自由好好過

解脫 是懂擦乾淚看以後 找個新方向往前走
這世界遼闊 我總會實現 一個夢
更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網

想 若結局一樣 又何苦再想
傷 若讓人成長 我為什麼怕 分手的傷

解脫 是肯承認這是個錯 我不應該還不放手
你有自由走 我有自由好好過

心裡有一種 渴望勇敢的念頭 不要愛我的人再擔心我

不放手 我有自由好好過

解脫 是懂擦乾淚看以後 找個新方向往前走
這世界遼闊 我總會實現 一個夢
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陈洁仪:- 他不适合你




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蕭亞軒 - 錯的人

明知道愛情並不牢靠 但是我還是拼命往裡跳
明知道再走可能是監牢 但是我還是相信只是煎熬
朋友都勸我不要不要 不要拿自己的幸福開玩笑
但是做人已經那麼累 假惺惺的想要逃
在愛裡連真心都不能給 這才真正的可笑

愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪
太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人
明知道這不是緣分 但是我還奮不顧身

可能 在愛裡面這樣算笨
可能 永遠沒有所謂永恆
但是我 不願放棄這裡面一點點可能 寧願笨也不想要悔恨

愛得太真 太容易 讓自己犧牲 太容易讓自己沉淪 太容易 不顧一切 滿是傷痕
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人 明知道這不是緣分 但我還是奮不顧身
我太笨 明知道你是錯的人 明知道這不是緣分 但我相信有點可能
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Heaven or Hell, Angels or Demons

Promises of Heaven
Tickets to Hell

Face the Demons that was unleashed
Tear for the Innocence that were Burning

A wrong choice from Start
A judgement tainted by the illusionary melodies of Angels

A mind that revolves on Self
Was never meant to Speak of Duo

Regrets should not be,
To mistake False from Truth
Regrets it shall be,
To take too long to see

Speak not of the hand who slapped
Talk not of the hand that scratched
For there lurk an advocating evil, that brings the Mortal down the well

Pain for the Innocence, blinded by the Truth
Miss not the Smirk on the Devil face disguise with the Smile of an Angel

Words are empty and cheap
See through and Find the Light

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Perceived Over-Expectations and the Silent Grievences

I am nothing… but an average women
I want nothing… but what a normal women wants
A woman’s demeanour is highly a reflection of what the man is willing to do
All I wanted was assurance, a lot of them

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16 Ways Children Of Divorce Love Differently

Source: Thought Catalog

1. We love cautiously. We’ve seen heartbreak and not just in our own lives. We take commitments seriously, which is why we don’t make them often.

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Lou1 Hei2 Session with my Dearest Group

No Chinese New Year is complete without Lou1 Hei2 with my Fun Gang
However, with the growth of the little ones in my group
Finding a time slot for everyone to join became a big challenge

Nevertheless, we managed to make it happen, albeit a smaller group

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6 Bad Habits that Will Drain Your Energy

I need an antidote to my consistent tiredness
Where... can I buy sleep and energy please....

I strike all 6 in Psychcentral
I think I am beyond cure......

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. 
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and 
the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Anthony Robbins

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Happy Chinese New Year, Spending Time together

Day 1 and Day 2 ended with back to back house visitings
We are blessed with an extended rest period this year
So more time is allowed to spend time with more friends
LDR being the more social one, had the calendar packed out

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Happy Chinese New Year, may this Year be a Brand New Beginning

It had been an exciting Chinese New Year
It’s the first time I was going to meet up with LDR’s extended relatives,
First time I would be formally introduced to them as LDR’s girlfriend
On one end, it is a very stirring experience
On the other, it can be quite nerve wrecking…
a thousand of thoughts all at once - “what if they don’t like me?”, “what if we cannot make it till the end?” etc etc

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Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they're haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye
Even with our fists held high
It never would've worked out right
We were never meant for do or die

I didn't want us to burn out
I didn't come here to hold you
Now I can't stop

I want you to know that it doesn't matter
Where we take this road
Someone's gotta go
And I want you to know
You couldn't have loved me better
But I want you to move on
So I'm already gone

Looking at you makes it harder
But I know that you'll find another
That doesn't always make you want to cry
Started with a perfect kiss
Then we could feel the poison set in
Perfect couldn't keep this love alive
You know that I love you so
I love you enough to let you go

I'm already gone, already gone
You can't make it feel right
When you know that it's wrong
I'm already gone, already gone
There's no moving on
So I'm already gone
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Toxic Relationship Patterns

A marriage was in plan
Ground rules had been made
But everything is futile when...

Letting go of a possibility to set up a new family is hard
But having to stay for the wrong reason is harder
I always knew we were never made for "do or die"
And this article Pursuer Versus Avoider Role Script explains why
Time to wake up... Let it go
We are in a dual combo toxic relationship

Love that turns toxic is neither healthy nor genuine, though the intentions of each partner are often well-meaning.

A couple relationship can be described as toxic when, due to emotional reactivity and defensive reaction patterns, it no longer promotes, and instead harms the mental, emotional and, or physical health, well-being and growth of each partner. The relationship is increasingly off balance, a factor that is affected by and directly affects the individual inner sense of balance, health and safety of each partner.

In contrast, genuine love is an empathic connection that recognizes the authentic other and self as separate and unique beings, even encouraging the individuality of each as essential to the formation of healthy intimacy in a relationship.

Neurological findings in the last decades show that we are wired for certain early protective behaviors in life, and that these can become habitual responses that get automatically activated, as they most often operate without conscious awareness. Intense emotional experiences in childhood can alter the structure of the brain and have enduring effects in adulthood.

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Goodbye my Hero...

It had been a dark week for the sunny island where I resides in
There was gloom in the air, as my country mourn for the departure of our founding PM, Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Almost everyone I know talk and speak of nothing, except the greatness of this man, a man who had devoted his entire life for Singapore, the place I call home

It had too been an exceptionally emotional period for me
I was out station in China when I received news of his deteriorating health
Everyday my bestie and LDR would bring me news of his situation, day in day out I prayed that he could pull it through
Flipping on CNN at the end of my every working day and not hearing news of his death was my best comfort in the bitter cold foreign land
Every night I prayed for the same, “Pls hang in there Mr Lee…”

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Welcome Mr J's #Soyabean

Celebrated Mr J's New Born's full month
Mummy PS had called him #Soyabean, I don't know why, but I find it Really cute!

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