July 24, 2014

Lavana Spa finally - Bangkok Day 4

Day 4 begins with lots of excitement
Come to think of it, which day hadn’t been since the day we arrived?
One day, 24hrs is just not enough
Correction, one day 24hrs of SHOPPING is seriously not enough!

July 22, 2014

范玮琪 - 最亲爱的你

This Is What Happens When You Love Someone Who Has Built Up Walls

I am the sole defender of my heart
A fortress I built so high that I no longer knows the way to the world outside
The mere thought of leaving the safe haven could be just one of the most intimidating thing I ever have to do

Article Source: Thought Catalog

How to Love a Girl Who Doesn’t Know How to Be Loved

Always knew I was different, weird if you call it
Sometimes suffocated by my own thoughts,
thoughts that had proven to be relevant despite being misunderstood or incomprehensible by many
Cold, Distant, Emotionless are names branded on me a tad too many times along my life's journey

An article I stumbled upon
An article that could finally give a name to my "symptom"
An article that described many of my thoughts so appropriately, I can see myself between the lines
And so... I am not weird... I am just a "Girl who doesn't know how to be Loved"

July 15, 2014

Everything is Well

Long Disappearance
Everything is fine, except that the usual whines about how busy things can get, how life turned into one big frenzy ball that either I had no time to blog or no mood to "talk"

Due to the vast number of overdue pictures,
I had decided to download them all at one go and categorize into my favorite iPhoto
Be back soon

July 1, 2014

Soothing out our Aching Bones - Bangkok Day 2

Just as expected, a full day of shopping had left our legs screaming in pain
Our experienced trip planner, Kelz, had every detail thought of and had arranged our first spa session immediately after our intensive shopping trip (a pity Chloe was not able to join us)

Heading off to our favorite spa of all time - the Leyana Spa

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