Nostalgia Night in the East - Refinery 웃 AEIOU 웃 Druggist

Head off for an adventurous, fun-filled food and beer night in the East
Dinner and Drinks in The Refinery
Dessert and Drinks in A.E.I.O.U Cafe
and more Drinks the Druggist

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14 Signs You're DYING To Break Up With Him (But Are Too Afraid)

Source: Your Tango

You want to end it but you don't know how. Here's some options you can take instead of telling him.
In order to avoid facing major change head on (like that breakup you know needs to happen), it's super common for people to create passive-aggressive diversions, distractions, and conflict to hint to their "significant other" that: Sorry, sweetie—you're just not that significant anymore.

Perhaps we hope the other person will abandon ship first and let us off the hook from doing the dirty work. Either way, we often go to elaborate lengths to send the message before we actually put voice to the words we want to say ... "it's over!"

Here are a few subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways we people put off that 'everyone else knows it's coming so we should probably just end it' inevitable break up.

Author's note: This is article is satire, not instructional! (And also, yes, if your significant other is exibiting several of these signs—your relationship is likely on the outs).

1. You're thinking of moving …

You're thinking of moving ...
... and hoping the distance will naturally end the relationship. "No, honey, don't bother moving across country with me (even though you could). We'll just do long distance," said no happily committed person ever.
Similar to this guy's story, you're desperately hoping that the other person will simply stop calling at some point if you make a pilgrimage somewhere else ... anywhere else.

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Camp Nou, FC Barcelona Stadium Tour - Barcelona Day 2

Day 2 Started, and today would be the first time in my life to visit a Soccer Football club - Camp Nou, home of Futbol Club Barcelona
Anyone who knew me would know that Soccer happened to be the last thing on my interest list
(except for the Kairosoft Pocket League Story that I am exceptionally crazy about)

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Satisfying My Oyster Cravings in Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf

Towards the last hours of my flea market packing
I have this sudden craving for raw Oysters!
Soon enough, FF had picked me up and on the way to Robertson Quay Oyster Bar & Grill Wharf!

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Getting High in Opium - Barcelona Day 1

End of the Gala Dinner in the romantic setting
Spirits are high, Energy level stayed strong
Soon enough, we are on our way to one of the best known clubs in Barcelona - Opium

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First FootPrints in Spain! - Barcelona Day 1

It’s been a long time since I last travel half across the globe on my own
This had been an exceptionally lonely and heavy flight (for reasons that I will not disclose for now)
With an outcome that was ambiguous and terrifying

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6 Twisted, Confusing Things ALL Master Emotional Manipulators Do

Re-posting from my favorite YourTango

Reminder: YOU are the keeper of your emotions.

You might be dealing with an emotional manipulator. They're all around us, like emotional energy vampires just waiting to get their next fix of perceived power and control.

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Japanese Healthy Dining @ Shirokiya

Finally met up with my lovable Gracey and YX after so long
We had been talking of a gathering ever since YX came back from the states… but we were so caught up with our own lives and hence we kept postponing our meet ups
Even though I had met both of them on separate occasions, but I do miss the days when the 3 of us would just chit chat nonstop!

Both YX and I had missed Gracey recent wedding (am so sorry babe!)
And it didn’t take us too long to put our foot down and decide on a meet up date!

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Flea Party in Lucky Plaza

Picture Source: My Whit’s End

After all the hideous packing
We were completely hopeful of the upcoming flea
Finally, the much awaited day arrived

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Flea Party in Lucky Plaza (The Plan)

I am in the midst of clearing the messes in my life, particularly the physical mess in my room and my blog (naturally, again)

First and foremost, I admit that I am a shopaholic (online shopping only)
Of course I can give loads and loads of justified reasons/excuses on why I deserve to be one
But I am going to spare myself (and everyone else reading this) the rigour of writing a long lengthy thesis on that ☆(❁‿❁)☆

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Wedding of Jack and Jean in Amara Hotel

Attended the wedding of Jack and Jean in Amara Hotel

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10 Things Single Moms Want their Married Friends to Know

Reposting from my latest favourite Finding Joy

1. Please don’t tell them that your husband traveling is the same as being a single mom and therefore you understand.
 I know I probably did this and said this before I understood. In fact, I’m sure I did and wish with everything I could take those words back. A traveling husband is nowhere near close being a single mom and when I hear those words I just want to say you have no clue. But normally, I simply smile (but cringe within). It’s not the same, truly. Here’s why: there’s a reprieve coming, you know it won’t last, the kids aren’t out of sorts and well, you know you’re ultimately not alone. So when you’re trying to think of a way to relate this is probably not it. Just be there. Love them.

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雾里探花, 北叟失马

The days after the disastrous trip

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Que Sera Sera

Nobody says life is a bed of roses
Nobody says this will be easy

Enough is never enough
Best is never the Best
Be contented with what You have
Strive to be Better than Your Yesterday

Life’s a Journey
Do Enjoy the Climb

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It Should Be a Crime to Break a Woman’s Heart

It had been a period of trial
Call me a female chauvinist, but the older I grew, the more I feel
That it should really be a crime to break a woman’s heart

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