September 1, 2014

12星座夫妻 - 夫妻诊断、治疗、叮咛小妙招

夫妻之间有点小吵小闹,有点小脾气,那是正常不过了。关键是你用什么方法怎么对待夫妻之间的小矛盾,下面有12星座夫妻诊断、治疗、叮咛小妙招,只要你用心去看,相信能帮助你的哦,请对号入座吧![I need to learn how to manage my LDR!]

Source: Weixin

双子老公—— 一心多用却不花心 — my LDR

很多人都把双子男人列为「婚絪杀手」,认为他们花心,一心多用(还有很多人觉得他们善于说谎,专门制造美丽谎言)[hmmm…. I always complain my LDR is the master of sweet nothings… and seldom remembers what he says *sulks*] ,对双子老公而言,其实是以偏概全,有失公平。双子男人似乎承担了太多的负面形象。





August 15, 2014

张韶涵 - 其实很爱你

The Arrival of Baby Baylee

Baby Baylee couldn't wait for me to be back from Bangkok before he embrace the world
Though I had a huge mountain high workload to clear
I just couldn't wait to visit my XM in the hospital, to be the first few "Aunties" to carry you in my arms

Hello Baby Baylee
I had imagined greeting you umpteen times as I ferry your mum around
But now that I see you...
I actually got pretty nervous
You looked so small, so vulnerable
Will I break you if I attempt to carry you with my rusty baby carrying skill?

August 11, 2014

Sleeping Disorder - Narcolepsy

While many of my circle of friends are complaining of constant attacks of insomnia
I am... combatting a complete contrast of their experience
It started mild... and I blame in on my consistent hyped up daytime activities that eroded me to a state of zombified consciousness by the time the day ends
But as the occurrences became more rampant,
and my LDR starts to complain of my increasing "laziness", my amazing ability to "sleep immediately" at any signs of aggression or conflicts
I am beginning to wonder whether there is more to it then meet the eye

Match found... Source: HelpGuide

Is it a sleep disorder?

July 24, 2014

Lavana Spa finally - Bangkok Day 4

Day 4 begins with lots of excitement
Come to think of it, which day hadn’t been since the day we arrived?
One day, 24hrs is just not enough
Correction, one day 24hrs of SHOPPING is seriously not enough!

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